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News Topics and Current Affairs Written by Bloggers - Essay Example

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This essay discusses blogging as art that arrived with the advent of the internet. In earlier times, people were used to venting out their feelings on diaries and paper, and today, they have taken to the creation of online journals or blogs in order to type down their thoughts…
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News Topics and Current Affairs Written by Bloggers
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Extract of sample "News Topics and Current Affairs Written by Bloggers"

A blogger is just like a newspaper, magazine or TV journalist. I agree with this statement because of the reasons provided for within the scope of this paper. Bloggers are like reporters and journalists probably without an undergraduate degree in the same field, because of which society does not provide them with the same rights as “professional journalists and writers”. Bloggers are able to supply information to a larger amount of people in the world. There are many people who do not like watching the news or do not have the time to read newspapers. Nevertheless, they take time to surf the internet and read blogs regarding news topics and current affairs written by bloggers which have all the required information as well as a personal stance on the matter. Most students also prefer reading reports by bloggers because they are able to understand opinion and use that very opinion for their reports or essays. Bloggers might not be a part of the public eye but that does not mean that they should not be given the same rights as journalists that have been evolving and changing the face of the print media. The fact of the matter remains on an opinion that a person is able to supply through a piece of writing. There have been several authors and poets in the past who have written under a veil of anonymity because they do not want people to find out about themselves because of an insecurity crisis issue. It does not matter if a blogger does not want his name to be out in the open; what matters is that he has the guts to put forth his opinion and convince a large number of people that are reading his post. Many times, newspaper reports do not carry the name of the reporter, just the name of the publishing house or company. In this case, it does not mean that the article or information is not authentic; in fact, what matters is how the people take to the piece of writing. Thus, bloggers should be given the same rights and the nature of the internet does not have to come in the way of their reaching out to the general public. Read More
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