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Book Promotion through the Worldwide Web - Dissertation Example

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This paper “Book Promotion through the Worldwide Web” aims to outline the different methods highlighted by Rick Frishman’s and Neely Tucker’s research through which books can be promoted online. Emphasis is made with the help of various real-life examples…
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Book Promotion through the Worldwide Web
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Download file to see previous pages Kate and Brett McKay began marketing their product at least two years before it was actually published. Their strategy was to build a fan base for their book using a variety of online tools such that once the book would be published, the impact would be received by the public almost immediately and they would flock to the stands to purchase their first copy of the novel. Kate and Brett McKay began marketing their product at least two years before it was actually published. Their strategy was to build a fan base for their book using a variety of online tools such that once the book would be published, the impact would be received by the public almost immediately and they would flock to the stands to purchase their first copy of the novel. The McKays used the following tactics as part of their promotional campaign:• The development of a blog describing the main crux of the novel which the readers could view and comment on.• The creation of ‘The Art of Manliness’ Community encouraging fans to join and ultimately discuss their viewpoints through interaction with other readers.• Use social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace as a platform to promote the novel and develop a strong Internet presence.• An online photograph competition title “Where in the World is the Art of Manliness?” in which readers were required to submit pictures of themselves in locations that were considered strange, yet interesting and which had a link to masculinity. Participants were promised one of many popular Saddleback Leather bags.• The offer of a free 72-page online book called “Man’s Guide to Holidays” to each customer who bought a book in the first week. All the above-mentioned tactics made their book an overnight success – “The Art of Manliness” novel reached the rank of 33 on the list and developed a following of 100,000 people. The McKays had managed to create an impact with their readers in the most effective way possible, and that too at virtually no cost.  Case 2 - Jerry White, Co-Founder of the Landmine Survivor Network: “I Will Not Be Broken”.Landmine Survivor Network (LSN), now known as Survivor Corps, is a non-governmental organization (NGO) whose objective is to rehabilitate landmine survivors and help them live a better, more fulfilled life. Recently, the Survivor Corps organization sought to rebrand itself by expanding its focus further to include all kinds of survivors (war veterans, natural disaster victims, etc.). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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