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Paradise Laborers Hotel work in Global Economy Patricia Adler and Peter Adler - Book Report/Review Example

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Instructor Name 30 April 2011 Responsible Management Due to globalization, managers in today’s fast-paced world must be able to respond to the needs of a diverse customer base and workforce. This challenge can be difficult to meet unless the manager understands the complexities presented by a multi-cultural environment…
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Book Paradise Laborers Hotel work in Global Economy Patricia Adler and Peter Adler
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"Paradise Laborers Hotel work in Global Economy Patricia Adler and Peter Adler"

Download file to see previous pages There are several classes of workers identified in the book. “Trapped workers” are workers who have always lived in the area, or are newly immigrated to the area (19). These workers comprise a kind of captive audience for the hotels and may not believe that they have many choices. Locals, who can support the cultural flavor of the area, hold some of the more visible positions like entertainer, front desk, and pool help, while the tasks assigned to new immigrants are often menial ones like housekeeping and landscaping (234-5). New immigrants are unlikely to be terribly selective in the jobs they will do. “Transient workers” are those who have few ties to a specific job or area and move to take advantage of changing opportunities (19). These workers are also highly visible, and are likely to have a level of training or education that allows them to support a niche. Jobs for transient workers, also called “seekers” include scuba instructor, massage therapist, chef, and various supervisory positions (236-7). Managers are also included in this definition of “transient worker.” Within each class of worker, additional constraints may apply. The worker may be seasonal, temporal, or stratified. Resorts may maintain a flexible workforce in response to slow and busy seasons brought on by predictable changes in weather or seasonal business events and vacation periods (19). The management of seasonal workers presents a challenge due to potential lack of experience and loyalty. Temporal workers man odd and late night shifts in response to a need to provide round-the-clock service to customers (19). Due to the odd hours, temporal workers may be subject to greater stress and tension than workers in daytime shifts. This can result in fatigue and other physical problems related to tension and stress (126-35). Managers need to be aware of these potential limitations and be equipped to offer options to workers who may be struggling as a result. Longer breaks and alternative schedules may be a few of the options managers can consider for affected workers. Stratification refers to the “administrative stereotyping” that managers may use to allocate workers to tasks and roles based on their ethnicity or race (20). Because managers apply stratification based on attributes that have nothing to do with a person’s ability or talents, it can result in frustration and dissatisfaction in the workplace. This dissatisfaction could be detrimental to the overall customer experience if it is apparent in the demeanor of the employees subjected to stratification. When developing a plan to balance the needs of the customers for demands of the business with the need to be sensitive to the needs and challenges faced by many people in today’s workforce, a manager should seek to fully understand the unique needs and challenges of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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