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Pearl of the Persian Gulf: Dubai's Secret - Research Paper Example

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The paper “Pearl of the Persian Gulf: Dubai's Secret” looks at a city where adventurous people who love a lavish lifestyle go and splurge their money, and have a good time. If they love the city, they come back to reside here. Dubai is a man-made hi-tech city…
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Pearl of the Persian Gulf: Dubais Secret
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Download file to see previous pages For the people of Emirates, Dubai is the city that will exhibit to the rest of the world what the Arabs are capable of when given a possible choice to outshine. For the erudite expatriate here on a contractual basis, it offers a style of living that is like moving from soaring business-class to having one’s personal aircraft. For the working group that is constructing the billion-dollar buildups prospering in the desert region, it is a paradisiacal opportunity. The people of Emirates have an opinion that the demise of the Founding Father of United Arab Emirates (UAE), Sheikh Zayed in the year 2004 and the bereavement of Sheikh Maktoum, ruler of Dubai in 2006 were significant incidents in the history of UAE. After that, everybody was looking forward to a new leader in Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed. Sheikh Mohammed got married to Princess Haya bint Al-Hussein of Jordan, an apotheosis of modern Arab lady, in the year 2004 (Carter and Dunston, 2006). He once called a self-restricting press to be more open to the world. He declared Dubai to be more technology-intensive so as to make the prior tedious administrative processes delightful and motivating. The government’s positive response to the workers’ strikes and appeals made to the organizations and the companies’ assurance to provide better facilities and conditions to its employees were some of the signs which proved that Dubai is moving towards modernization and democracy. Although rapid modernization is being noted, still it has been seen that people of Emirates were sticking to their conventions. Instead of abdicating their national dress, the ladies of Emirates are providing much attention to it by embroidering their abayas with precious stones. They have a sense of exhilaration and determination within themselves like the city of Dubai. In the field of architecture, we observe a revived determination in the past Arabic forms like Madinat Jumeirah. They are concentrating on the traditional pattern of designs and creating a new fusion of both conventional as well as modern designs just like the ladies are doing with their abayas. W ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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