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The empire expanded into the Iraq region, which used to form part of the Persian Empire. The Iraq army attacked the Persians and won the battle. The Christians in the Persian territory were offered only two choices. They were required to…
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Persian Gulf Today
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Concluding thoughts’ Islam history and Baghdad The Muslim empire was created in 634A.D. The empire expanded into the Iraq region, which used to form part of the Persian Empire. The Iraq army attacked the Persians and won the battle. The Christians in the Persian territory were offered only two choices. They were required to fully embrace Islam or pay a compulsory fee for the taxation. Moreover, the Christians were to be excluded from military services. The word Baghdad originates from the Persian Empire, which referred to God as Bagh. The suffix dad meant gift according to the Persian Empire. In 762, the Abbasid dynasty controlled the entire Muslim world.1 The capital city of the entire Muslim world was Baghdad. The city fostered education and culture among the Muslim people. The period was refereed to s the golden age of the civilization in the entire Muslim world. During, this time, the Muslim world made great strides in the field of science and art. In fact, the city was made the center for museums and mosques.
The British mandate in Iraq and the Hashemite dynasty
The British made an agreement concerning the battle with the Hashemite dynasty. The Arabian countries were at risk of losing their sovereignty to the Hashemite dynasty, which was led by the Ottoman army. The British contributed in the battle between the Ottoman army and the Arab military. The British’s influence in the war made the Arab military to win the battle. Consequently, many Arabian territories were protected. In this regard, the Faisal al-Hussein was crowned as the first King of Iraq. The British later agreed to help the Arabic countries achieve their independent status. The initiative was aimed at breaking the countries from the control of the Hashemite.
Tripp, Charles. A history of Iraq. Cambridge : Cambridge Univ. Press, 2009.Print. Read More
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Persian Gulf Today Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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