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This essay describes the characteristics of advertisement in different mass media and how it has changed through times. Advertising in the recent years has been changing according to consumer preferences for more personalized and relevant forms of media that speaks of their needs and interest. …
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The changing nature of advertising from traditional print and broadcast to interactive and web based
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"The changing nature of advertising from traditional print and broadcast to interactive and web based"

Download file to see previous pages This essay "The changing nature of advertising from traditional print and broadcast to interactive and web based" how advertisement is presented in various types of media, how it changed and how the advent of the Internet affected it. Traditional mass media involve advertising through the newspaper, books, magazines, radio and television. This type of advertising is one- to- many type of communication that does not allow direct feedback from the audiences. For instance when people read the magazines or turn on the television ,there is no way to directly respond to advertisements unless they write to or call the company themselves but this way they will be using another form of advertising.
Radio advertising cost is very attractive advertising vehicle for many small business owners. Radio advertising has a wide scale appeal to consumers and it reaches thousand of target audience at the right time and right message. However, radio was primarily an entertainment medium and advertising is considered an interruption. This has resulted in an industry called satellite which provides entertainment without commercials because consumers are willing to pay for them. With the emergence of satellite radios the popularity of radio advertising is slowly decreasing. Radios have also evolved into entertainment source for background noise at work and for primarily driving. At homes, there has been a drop in radio use because people can play their CDs where they have the freedom to choose their music and programmes free of commercial interruption.
This has led to low popularity in radio advertising. Television Advertising Television is a form of entertainment that brings the family together to enjoy public amusement without leaving home. Research has shown that an average person spends more time with the television than with newspaper and radio combined. This shows that television has a very huge audience making it the most powerful advertising choice for many manufacturers and retailers. This has been so for a very long time but all the same the television advertising is slowly dying. The television audience has been fragmented into few local channels where major companies would choose their advertiser but with the introduction of cable and satellite television the audience has further been fragmented into over 200 channels. This fragmentation has led to dramatic reduction of audience in the local channels. Television advertising has limited lifespan for any advertisement this makes the advertisers to not do their advertising on television because once the advertisement has aired its gone for good hence a viewer may not remember the advertisement after all. The television audience as well has a way of avoiding commercial interruption because there has been an introduction of TIVO, pay per view, public broadcasting stations and the multitude of satellite. This has seen a great number of audiences paying for those services because they are avoiding the commercial interruptions (Stafford, & Ronald, 2001,65). At homes, families are opting to watch a common movie as a form of entertainment since they are free of interruption. Although television advertising has decreased for the small business for the big businesses it is now possible to make world -wide advertisement this show that television advertisement has developed and has is yielding more benefits for ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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