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The Role of Media in Portraying Islam as a Religion of Violence - Research Paper Example

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The paper describes a substantial relationship between the role played by media and the post modernity, whereby it shapes people’s views in the world. Many media campaigns are against Islam and Muslims since most of Western media possess sufficient financial resources and multiple channels…
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The Role of Media in Portraying Islam as a Religion of Violence
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Extract of sample "The Role of Media in Portraying Islam as a Religion of Violence"

Download file to see previous pages Mass media has made a significant contribution in shaping wars, conflicts and resolutions, but it has failed in reflecting objectivity since having been criticized that it has biases towards political agenda of the western world concerning the developed world. However, the media coverage and publication concerning Islam and Muslim have been challenged by issues of accuracy and vilification of information. Scholars, media commentators and experts have been politicized after the incidence in 9/11, and this has led to the creation of a minefield for policymakers and the public, who are seeking to understand the cause of radicalism and Anti-Americanism. In fact, their convictions that establish a direct relationship between global communication and terrorism. Therefore, terrorism has been considered an indirect psychological strategy used for the avoidance of direct contact with opponents, thus if there would be no media coverage, issues about terrorism would disappear. In this case, media were the reason behind Muslim and Terrorist becoming synonymous; hence, after the events such as 9/11, the experts and activists in the field of human rights issued a warning against the rise of Islamophobia and racism against Muslims. References can be established from the role of media after the cold war, and the rise of the new global threat concerning Islamic terrorist, since after the attacks and the rise of religious militancy, Islam has been the target of the scrutiny. In fact, this has been facilitated by the deception of media concerning Islam as a representation of hostility. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Role of Media in Portraying Islam As a Religion of Violence Research Paper.
“The Role of Media in Portraying Islam As a Religion of Violence Research Paper”, n.d.
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