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Images of Arabs and Muslims in Western Media - Research Paper Example

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The relationship between Muslims, the Arab world and West are one of them. The Media being the powerful tool of communication and image…
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Images of Arabs and Muslims in Western Media
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Extract of sample "Images of Arabs and Muslims in Western Media"

Download file to see previous pages The scope of media does not limit itself to the mere digital media, the press and other forms of paper publications are another source through which the role of representation of Muslims has been questioned at large and has resulted in resentment in the Muslims ranks (Rane, Martinkus, & Ewart, 2014,p. 129).
It is an established fact that media plays a central role towards the creation of public opinion about a given phenomena. The Western media has been highly active in the regard of taking on the Muslims and Arabs with regard to their religious beliefs and responses to the Western life styles. Similarly the Western media has followed the different debates and topics extensively with regard to the modern concepts such as terrorism, concept of veil and other radical mindsets that are prevailing in the recent times on account of conflict between different political ideologies (Janson, 2011).
It cannot be denied that the two societies (Muslims and West) had their share of differences with each other through the different traces of history. Yet that is not peculiar to the two societies and conflicts have emerged within West among the followers of Christianity as well. But that has never led to such a deep debate and isolation of the two mindsets from one another. It has not created such a rift and gulf between them creating serious fault lines that may lead to mutual co-existence as a virtual impossible within one living space. For example the element of Crusade, the Ottoman Empire and the Christian subjects handling, the nationalistic uprising in the Arab world towards the early part of twentieth century. Yet none of these went on to become a stigma and both the societies and people of the two belief groups moved on as soon as the issues were resolved. The case of terrorism and modern day hatred has given a relatively prolonged outlook to the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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