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Modeling Dry Whether Wastewater Flow in Sewer Networks - Research Paper Example

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The project “Modeling Dry Whether Wastewater Flow in Sewer Networks” discusses dependency of peak factor from upstream to downstream in the sewerage system and calculation of fixed values roughly linked to sewer type or connected to a position in the system.
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Modeling Dry Whether Wastewater Flow in Sewer Networks
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Extract of sample "Modeling Dry Whether Wastewater Flow in Sewer Networks"

Download file to see previous pages As a component of this study, a small degree diary survey was carried out, over seven successive winter days in 1987, by 28 households that resided in owner-occupied residential housing located in town or sub-town regions in southeast England.  On average throughout the day, the most frequently used appliances the toilet and the basin, with the sink used approximately half as often.
Peak usage frequency was highest for the basin, closely followed by the toilet.
Data collected from the wastewater inflow sub model was in the form of a frequency of use of appliances and Appliance discharge characteristics, which were incorporated into the model as default values (fig 2). Fig 3 (a) illustrates the default frequencies of use for each for each of the appliances considered, which are shown to vary with time throughout the day. From fig 3 the probability of discharge p is shown to be inversely related to the time between discharge initiations (Ta) which in turn, is inversely related to the frequency of use, so (17) Where f= average hourly frequency of use. The resulting variation of p with time is plotted in fig 3 (b). In principle, the variation of expected flow for each Appliance could be calculated from (10). 
FLUSH calculate the total expected flow at most downstream node (K) from (12) and then distributed it among the other manholes by applying the waiting function to the total expected flow based on (6). In this way, a complete hydrograph was produced at each node. Table 3(a) shows the required input data for the sub model, the model parameters, and the output data. The supermodel allowed two further parameters to be user specified by amending (12) into the form (19) Where O= average dwelling company and C= differing appliances ownership or “coverage”. These two parameters can be varied depending on known or assumed demographic or consumer information.
The flow model was also able to estimate inflow values at any user-defined confidence level from (15) ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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