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Multi scale modeling of complex neuronal networks - Essay Example

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In the experiment, the method used was the numerical simulation of the described mathematical model on the topological structure of the dorsal striatum of rats. This means that a general mathematical model was first introduced to describe the pattern formations within the dorsal…
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Multi scale modeling of complex neuronal networks
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"Multi scale modeling of complex neuronal networks"

Download file to see previous pages For the numerical simulation, MATLAB was used, with the simulation being discretized in time with a step size of one quarter of the frequency for a progressive visualization of the pattern, (606).
The results of this simulation indicate that the induced activity of the sparsely distributed cholinergic neurons within the dorsal striatum leads to the identification of surrounding n-cells. The single-pulse activation induces abrupt spread and declining of spikes. The model used reveals characteristic pattern formations respective to the morphological structure of the activated cells. The figure basically shows the spatial pattern formation within the dorsal striatum of rats as a result of the cortical activation of cholinergic neurons. The distribution of active neurons is indicated by color pink while the distribution of inactive neurons is shown by color grey. The pink coloring is an indicator of the initial activation of the sparsely distributed cholinergic neurons. This can be shown by Fig 2a. On the other hand, the grey coloring indicates the ongoing inactivation process throughout the structure. This can be indicated by Fig 2d. Therefore, this figure presents the induced activity in the dorsal striatum of a art as a result of cortical activation of cholinergic neurons, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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