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Disposal of Industrial Wastewater and Alternatives - Essay Example

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The following essay headlined "Disposal of Industrial Wastewater and Alternatives" deals with the environmental issues. According to the text, argument about the need to control industrial pollution especially the effects of industrial waste on water leads to the debate on industrialization. …
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Disposal of Industrial Wastewater and Alternatives
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Extract of sample "Disposal of Industrial Wastewater and Alternatives"

Download file to see previous pages It is not surprising to meet industrial sewer water spilling on the surface. Notably, no one seems to see the impact that the industrial sewer water has to the society.
Water serves the society in almost all aspects. Arguably, industrial functions, domestic functions, and environmental functions require water. This certainly means that all process in both environmental setup and industrial set up require water. It is right, therefore, to argue that water is the source of human livelihood. That well said, environmentalists argue in favor of processes or activities that preserve sources of water. Constant awareness creation has acted in the recent past as a tool that used by the environmentalists to enlighten the society about the consciousness in preserving nature. On the other hand, development conscious think tanks work proposals that aim at creating more opportunity that would lead to development. 
Industrialization and activities relating to it have often featured in their-ever-changing- development agenda. Industrialists site a number of reasons that support their course in the society. First, industrialization creates opportunities for the society such as employment. These opportunities promote the well-being of the society. Second, promoting industrialization ideology creates an opportunity for trade among countries or states. Trade brings products to the proximity of the consumers. What would happen when there is no trade? Would people be able to get products they need in the society? Holding social fabrics together entails a number of factors, which must promote the existence of people.
Do we argue that environment has limited opportunities to offer to humankind? Probably not, but exhausting the opportunities in the environment would create a detrimental outcome to the society. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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