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Advertisement and Marketing Communication - Term Paper Example

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This paper "Advertisement and Marketing Communication" describes some of the problematic issues with the VIP Electronic Cigarette company’s advertisement and marketing communication. The author outlines various strategies. From this work, it is clear that a good marketing communication strategy will involve an analysis of the various aspect of the advertisement. …
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Advertisement and Marketing Communication
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Extract of sample "Advertisement and Marketing Communication"

Download file to see previous pages The VIP Electronic Cigarette marketing communication is faulted for many reasons that range from social to moral and financial aspects. It is the audiences of these adverts are the same targeted market or the already existing customers. This implies that the information from this marketing communication is consumed and applied by the same audience. Gray and Andersen (2008), notes that placing adverts within the fabric of films causes a significant rise in the level of sales of the firm. As such the spot adverts that were run by the same company within ITV programming could have the same effect. The problem here is not that it could cause the same effect as advertising within a film but the possible negative effect of irritation that it might have on the audience. The audience could possibly be irritated because of the fact that their main interest is the program being aired and not the commercial being shown (Hansen and Christensen2004).
As compared to non-spot adverts, this marketing communication fails to reach its main target that is a positive evaluation of the product being marketed and the social belief of the targeted audience. The main issue in this aspect is the effect of interruption on the proceeding program. Commercials generally interrupt the viewing of programs and as such will not impress the viewers. A considerable number of viewers would have a negative attitude toward the commercials. The negative attitude of the consumers is also closely linked to the length of a commercial (Woodside 2004). This study also notes that the longer the commercial, the more the consumers are likely to be irritated by the brand name due to the fact that it is delaying their favorite TV programs. This is a source of failure for the VIP Electronic Cigarette commercial apart from the fact that it was not interesting and could not entertain viewers. The result of this is that the viewers are treated as a client and prospective customers instead of them sitting back and getting entertained. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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