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The Sales Performance for Apple iPad Air - Case Study Example

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This report "The Sales Performance for Apple iPad Air" focuses on a sophisticated smart device. Consumer identification processes for Apple iPad Air focus on the significant causes of consumers seeking to develop varied brand knowledge and structures…
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The Sales Performance for Apple iPad Air
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Extract of sample "The Sales Performance for Apple iPad Air"

Download file to see previous pages Therefore, the factors are categorized as social, political, technological, and economic (Hiebing, Cooper & Wehrenberg, 2011).
Many national jurisdictions are anchored on free trade policies that affect marketing approaches placed forth by Apple. The policies focus on eliminating existing tariff barriers among trading blocks. The approach allows for the reduction of tariffs to around 5% in the two-decade period while identifying the national and common preferential tariffs (Fabbi, 2011). The high prices from Apple iPad Air due to high production costs and minimal vendor efficiency poses a possibility for local markets ruling on handheld devices. Apple’s prices will be comparatively cheaper within foreign manufacturers with respect to elements of protectionism. The protectionist policies have a fundamental scoping for the stagnating performance of Apple (Pride & Ferrell, 2010).
The advancement of competitive contribution allows for the broadening of technology within the growth and influential positions and performances of each company in the communications mobile industry. The important component includes embracing technology’s maturity and expanding manufacturing capacity and maturity. The concepts affect innovation processes in Apple Company. The technologies form the primary focus for the Internet as well as computer through the development and innovation of increments potential (Hiebing, Cooper & Wehrenberg, 2011).
The introduction of Apple’s iPad Air, a new smart device, will create anxiousness and expectations among members of the public. The trend will cause dramatic changes in the interests of people using phone conversations, visiting blogs, and browsing websites discussing the hype. iPad Air from Apple will make the firm a prominent figure through its diverse technologies and design. The product lines include Mac, iPod, iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, Apple TV, OS X, iLife, iWork, iOS, and Apple Watch (Hiebing, Cooper & Wehrenberg, 2011). ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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