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The Department Store, Its Origins, And Economics - Research Paper Example

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The dawn of departmental stores was one of the early society’s most influential and innovative institutions. This paper "The Department Store, Its Origins, And Economics" looks at the evolution of the department stores and the emerging trends in consumer cultures during the era of their rise…
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The Department Store, Its Origins, And Economics
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Extract of sample "The Department Store, Its Origins, And Economics"

Download file to see previous pages Considering the social impacts of the departmental stores, one may be inclined to attach the utmost importance to the contributions they made towards transforming the way of human life at different population levels; a transformation that will remain as one of the greatest social advancements of the century (Sparks, 1996). For instance, the contemporary department stores signify much more than just the advancement of the range of goods and consumable products provided for sale by the modern retailers. The evolution of department stores was an urbanization phenomenon, symbolized by the growth of cities and augmentation of the number of customers who dictated or demanded the range of items for sale. A department store is a system of retail established within a single building, opened to the consumers/public, offering a broad range of consumer items. Typically, it allows shoppers or customers to have a wide base of choosing between multiple products at varied prices, and in diverse product categories referred to as “departments.”
The origin of department stores can be traced back and linked to the growth of the noticeable consumer society during the mid-18th century towards the commencement of the 19th century. However, history can still trace back to 1734 when one of the first shopping structures that seemed like a department store was established by Bennett in Derby- it was an ironmonger shop and it still stands to date. A number of business historical sources argue that the first department store ever established was the “Harding, Howell & Co.”, opened by 1796 in Pall Mall, London. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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