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Doves Real Beauty Advertising Campaign - Case Study Example

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The goal of the current study is to critically evaluate the effectiveness of the promotion campaign of Dove Company known as the Real Beauty Campaign. Therefore, the study provides a summary of the target audience, product, service, and idea featured in the analyzed program…
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Doves Real Beauty Advertising Campaign
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Extract of sample "Doves Real Beauty Advertising Campaign"

Download file to see previous pages The major mission of the Real Beauty campaign is to increase the confidence of every woman that she is beautiful. Before initiating the campaign, the organization conducted research in order to address how many women consider them beautiful. This research was conducted in the year 2004. The specific research has indicated that only 2 percent of women in UK consider themselves as beautiful. Therefore, the organization tried to increase the number of target customers by launching this campaign.
Dove soap, body lotion, and shampoo are the major products that are considered by Unilever in this campaign. Most importantly, the organization tried to increase the sales and revenue of each and every product line and product portfolio through this campaign. However, it was so significant that the marketing department of the organization aggressively tried to boost the sales of the product through this innovative advertising campaign.
It is true that several organizations try to send a message to the public or target customers regarding the quality and superiority of the products through a specific advertising campaign. Similarly, Unilever also tried to convey a message to the target customers through this campaign. It has been mentioned earlier that the organization tried to conduct a survey in order to determine the perception of women about beauty. However, only 2 percent of women replied that they are beautiful. The rest of the population was insecure and going through the anxiety that they were not beautiful. Each and every product line of Dove is superior in quality. In the year 2004, the organization tried to increase the confidence of women through this real beauty campaign. The major idea behind this campaign is that a woman cannot be considered beautiful by only considering an external look (Spurgeon 52). There are several inner aspects that define a lady as a beautiful lady. The organization tried to convey this specific message through the campaign. Indirectly, the organization tried to increase the sales growth rate of the organization through this campaign. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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