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Panasonic: Product Life Cycle Management - Coursework Example

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A paper "Panasonic: Product Life Cycle Management" claims that the marketing communication tools are the most important factor of the paper as it evaluates how the people will be made aware regarding the massage sofa offering relaxation and satisfaction to the people…
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Panasonic: Product Life Cycle Management
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Extract of sample "Panasonic: Product Life Cycle Management"

Download file to see previous pages Panasonic is a leading brand which has taken an initiative to launch a new massage sofa in the United Kingdom Market. The newly launched massage sofa will be of low profile. The design of the sofa will be such that it will provide massage to the individuals from the neck to the hip region in order to make them feel relaxed and stress-free. Massage sofa is a healthcare product which provides general health care by improving blood circulation and generating relaxation. The massage sofa will be of the contemporary design to benefit the people from the neck to the hip region. The benefits that the low-profile massage sofa will provide are the improved blood circulation, relaxation of the muscles and will enhance the level of oxygen in the body. Moreover, the massage sofa will be effective for the back pain and provide relief by keeping the shoulder in a proper position. It will be an automated massage sofa effective for relaxing and toning the body. It will also act as exercise equipment for the people who are overweight and make them feel reenergized and fresh. The total relaxation of the upper body will not only benefit the body but will also make the people mentally relaxed. The cost of each unit of massage chair will be £5000 which provides relaxing massage through the use of electricity (Panasonic Massage Chairs, 2014). Panasonic Corporation offers various forms of massage sofa such as thermal, acupressure, electric and thus has various price ranges as per the feature. The turnover of the massage sofa is moderate and has a growing demand. This can be stated as Panasonic initiated the massage sofa business in the year 1969 and till today it provides relaxation to the people with enhanced features. The prices of the products have changed and also their features. With the increasing turnover, the need for the product is increasing. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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