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Formulation of Purchasing Decisions - Research Paper Example

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The paper determines the formulation of purchasing decisions by consumers. This aligns the influence that the strategy has on consumer purchasing behavior for consumer appliances firms in the US. Information on the thesis issue will establish the need to delve into the echelons of the topic further…
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Formulation of Purchasing Decisions
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Extract of sample "Formulation of Purchasing Decisions"

Download file to see previous pages The rationale behind delving into a search for why consumers would tend to be affected by some factors while shopping has strong backing. Different consumers are affected by different factors and these can be external or external factors. These factors are all dependent on the marketing mix strategy that includes classified factors such as price, product, promotion, and place.

Apart from the marketing mix, there are other factors that affect purchasing decisions such as demographic and situational factors. The internal factors range from beliefs to motivational factors which also differ from person to person. There are several types of consumer behaviors that are affected by the factors as indicated.
Research methodology done tends to prove the contents of the literature review. Through a comprehensive survey from company websites, accurate online sources and periodicals, the research method used gave findings to extents as to prove the literature already found. Therefore, a relationship exists between consumer purchasing decisions and marketing mix strategies.

The purchase of any item involves a collection of many several decisions. Consumers have to bear in mind the fact that prices of commodities may change at any one time and therefore need for planning for an extra amount of money. Moreover, purchasing in bulk differs from retail purchasing given the economies of scale involved. In most cases, regardless of who is purchasing and what quantity is being purchased, decisions to purchase are highly dictated by the marketing mix strategy factors of product, price, promotion, and place. This paper seeks to determine the formulation of purchasing decisions by consumers. This aligns the influence that the strategy has on consumer purchasing behavior for consumer appliances firms in the US. Background information on the thesis issue will establish the need to delve into the echelons of the topic further. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Formulation of Purchasing Decisions Research Paper.
(Formulation of Purchasing Decisions Research Paper)
Formulation of Purchasing Decisions Research Paper.
“Formulation of Purchasing Decisions Research Paper”.
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