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Marketing Plan for Smartphones in China - Case Study Example

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The report, Marketing Plan for Smartphones in China, of GFK had stated that in the year 2012, smartphones sales were in excess of 650 m, signifying sales growth of 50% on a year-on-year basis. Smartphones have revolutionized the communication segment by redefining how people use voice communication. …
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Marketing Plan for Smartphones in China
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Extract of sample "Marketing Plan for Smartphones in China"

Download file to see previous pages Considering this growth advantage, the report will develop a marketing plan for selling a new smartphone product named ‘iGlass’ in one of the most developing economies i.e. China. The objective of the report is to analyze the target market for the new smartphone product in China and to develop pertinent strategies in order to sell it.
Mobile phone is considered as the most widespread consumer electronic products. The mobile phone can be divided into two sections in terms of price and device abilities such as smartphones which are compatible with third-party software and feature phones which do not have such advantages. In mobile phone market, smartphones are the quickest developing segment with respect to sales. Nowadays, smartphones are gaining increased attention from mobile producers, network operators and software developers. Mobile producers manufacture smartphones for minimizing time and expenses of new advanced product development. Network operators sponsor smartphones in order to drive adoption of post-paid connections and internet plans. Lastly, growing number of people are now learning how smartphones can act as a personal computing tool which can permit both, use of mobile facilities and use of computer applications. The above aspects have resulted in an increasing trend of people towards using smartphones. Furthermore, the wider availability and the affordable cost have benefitted smartphones while declining the sales of other high-end mobile phones.
Due to increased demand for smartphones from developed economies and strong demand push from developing economies, the market share of smartphones is expected to increase at a rapid rate. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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