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Marketing Communications on The Smartphone Market - Essay Example

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This essay explores the issue of Marketing Communications on The Smartphone Market. In order to analyze the business environments of Google’s Android, various business analysis tools such as Marketing Mix and SWOT analysis etc will be included in the paper…
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Marketing Communications on The Smartphone Market
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Extract of sample "Marketing Communications on The Smartphone Market"

Download file to see previous pages This research will begin with the statement that integrated marketing communications refer to systems used to plan communications in such a way as to benefit a business by disseminating its marketing campaigns more effectively and thereby lessening its marketing expenses. By integrating marketing structures such as social media avenues, advertising, telemarketing, and direct sales, one can bring more consistency and clarity into the message that is aimed at consumers. Mobile phone companies are constantly seeking an edge in the hyper-competitive mobile phone market by either increasing access speeds or introducing ever more robust application systems into their products. Naturally, these changes inspire marketing executives of mobile phone companies to come up with tactical and strategic marketing plans that allow them to be able to engage potential consumers through the different mobile platforms that are created. Google Inc. created an operating system, Android, that immediately gave it an edge in the Smartphone market. Its marketing scheme has played a great role in sustaining its competitiveness. Product- Google Inc. uses different marketing concepts to market the Android-iOS in different regions of the world. Since Google launched the first Android system in 2008, the product has remained in high public demand due to the regular addition of aspects such as features and apps (applications) which are frequently updated and enable customers to use them. For instance, customers with a preference for touch screens or ‘qwerty’ screens can use Android as it has both applications. In addition, customers who wish for widescreen displays can also use the android system. Price - In regards to price, Google’s customers are able to change their budgets to suit customized android systems with their preferred features. The vast majority of android retailers sell the system for less than 100$ with all its features and benefits included. This is far cheaper than what the systems created by Apple and Nokia retail for. Promotion - The android is a well-known and highly esteemed brand. These characteristics differentiate it from other competitors. Furthermore, Google has invested in promotional campaigns that include using the print media, television advertising, and the internet to reach mobile phone users. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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