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The era of 21st century is an era of fast changing working environments, where new rules and working conditions in the developing as well as the developed world demands high productivity from the employees from all levels of the organization. The highly demanding work schedules…
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Extract of sample "MARKETS, CUSTOMERS AND MARKETING Assignment"

Download file to see previous pages the highly demanding and competitive environment that is existent in various fields of life, needs continuous efforts of human beings to excel in their field or arena of occupation. As a matter of fact, all this competition puts on an extra load on the humans to put in extra hours in an effort to make their mark and leave their impression in this fast changing and highly evolving environment of the current century.
In an attempt to put up with the significant amount of pressure, it can be said that the human body needs a stimulant which will keep their physical processes working for an extra time, thereby providing them with the required amount of extra energy. As a matter of this human need, there is a new market related to health and energy drinks that is evolving in the economies of the developing as well as the developed countries.
As a matter of fact, in an effort to capitalize on the needs of the masses that are existent in the emerging economies like India, the California based Monster Beverage Corporation is focused on the process of generating revenues for its products by catering to the energy drink requirements of the Indian market.
By taking this step, the America based beverage company which is specialized in offering health drinks to its customers is focusing on the process of entering in to the related energy drinks sector that is existent in a new market sector like India.
The marketing plan of a company for launching or re-launching a new product or service increasingly comprises of the process of doing an in-depth analysis of the market in which the company is focusing on. The next step comprises of identifying the target audience and their related demographic profile as well as consumer behavior. The marketing plan will move on to discuss the strategies related to effective segmentation, targeting and positioning as well as the various strategies related to marketing mix like the placement strategies related to product, place, promotion and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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