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The Role of Regulators in Providing Regulations for Effective Alcohol Marketing Across United Kingdom - Research Paper Example

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  This essay identifies some of the theories of regulations by Baldwin et al and how they affect the marketing industry specifically the beer marketing industry in the United Kingdom. This essay is, therefore, investigating the role of regulators and regulations in the marketing of alcohol in the UK.  …
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The Role of Regulators in Providing Regulations for Effective Alcohol Marketing Across United Kingdom
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Extract of sample "The Role of Regulators in Providing Regulations for Effective Alcohol Marketing Across United Kingdom"

Download file to see previous pages   The main role of regulators therefore is to ensure quality and efficiency on the side of the consumer. For example, consider a place that has one beer company which is supposed to meet the demand of a certain targeted market. Since there is o competition based on this kind of monopoly, there is little that the consumer can do to ensure that quality and that they are exploited. The producer can decide to make low quality beer and since the consumer has no other option he will be forced to buy it. Or the producer can decide to exaggerate the price so that they can make more profit. With good regulations, all these can be managed and the consumer can be confident to have both quality and good pricing for the products that they are taking. There are a lot of regulations that are present in the marketing of beer in the UK. These regulations are very important and a look at the role of the people behind these regulations is very important (Gunter, 2007).
The three main types of regulations present in (Baldwin et al, 2012), is present in UK beer marketing industry. Self regulations, a type of regulation that is done by an organization itself internally without involving any outside help, can be seen from almost all the beer industries in the market. For example acorn Brewery decided that the best way to market themselves was through self regulations. During this period, the company decided to make the top quality beer that will impress more and more people. A change in beer bottle is also important, a change is always better and this is why after a period of time, the company always ensures that they change the beer bottles to something that is completely new.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Role of Regulators in Providing Regulations for Effective Alcohol Research Paper.
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