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A Growing Market for Second-Hand Products: Environmental Concerns and Economic Constraints - Literature review Example

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The paper describes a quick scan of the current marketing and textiles first as separate industries and as fashion market variables can be used to assess the position of the online market for second-hand brands in the UK. It is certain that the circumstances of the prevailing economic environment…
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A Growing Market for Second-Hand Products: Environmental Concerns and Economic Constraints
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Extract of sample "A Growing Market for Second-Hand Products: Environmental Concerns and Economic Constraints"

Download file to see previous pages Perhaps one of the most powerful second-hand marketing improvements is on the utilisation of technology which ranks online marketing among the preferred options. Allwood et al. (2006, p8) also present the international trade regulations for the textile industry which may affect the general operation of new textiles forcing the market to adopt second-hand products. As an illustration, the domination of the world cotton market by the US and China presents mixed fortunes to various players in the international market, which brings uncertainties in the textile industry. Allwood et al. (p11) also reckon that the shift of the UK’s fortunes in the clothing and textile market from a dominant figure in the 19th century to a lesser player today leaves it as a designer than a producer. Designing in this respect includes a special focus on recycling with players such as those under the Textile Recycling Association making an invaluable contribution to the second-hand market (Allwood et al. p12). Marketing alternatives, on the other hand, have experienced a dramatic shift from traditional options to modern technology-based alternatives such as the online options. As mentioned above, cost factors amid difficult economic times in Europe and around the world may force fashion markers to adopt cheaper alternatives for business sustainability. The internet has presented one of the most effective consumer-friendly marketing alternatives in the 21st century (Kurtz 2010, pA-24). According to the author, marketing strategies that are responsive to the fashion preferences that must be sensitive of the consumer behaviour almost finds it inevitable to employ online marketing. Online marketing in the recent developments has been favoured by social aspects of the internet that effectively presents certain consumer trends that embrace the internet as a fashionable and convenient marketing outfit (Verdict 2011). According to Rajagopal (2010, p5), social interactions influence several consumer behaviour aspects and the heavy socialisation inclination of the internet is important in the determination of the fortunes of second-hand fashion products. The author reckons that the effectiveness with which the internet provides product accessibility to shoppers not only enhances the second-hand product acceptability but also contributes to cost-effectiveness (Rajagopal 2010, p26). Easy shopping presented by the online platforms for apparel products captures the mood of the internet loving consumers in the contemporary market (Kurtz 2010, p124). ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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