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Managing People in British Petroleum - Assignment Example

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This paper "Managing People in British Petroleum" aims at discussing the environmental factors that can impact the company for its strategic decision making in an attempt to regain its position in the US. The paper also suggests a marketing plan that can be adopted by the company…
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Managing People in British Petroleum
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Extract of sample "Managing People in British Petroleum"

Download file to see previous pages First, it is crucial to gain a complete overview of the disaster – ‘Deep Water Horizon’.
One of the largest marine oil accidents was seen on 20th April 2010. The oil spill went on to flow for a total of three months in the Gulf of Mexico. The explosion claimed eleven lives and injured seventeen people. The oils spill started from the sea floor oil gusher. Methane gas was found to be released from the well with high pressures and this went up into the drill column (Cleveland, 2011). The methane gas expanded on the platform and led to the explosion. The fire was intense and was not doused which led to the Deep Water Horizon to sink after 36 hours.
The Deep Water was built in 2001 and was managed by BP in the Gulf of Mexico. The spill as a whole has caused extensive damage to the wildlife, as well as marine habitats and also damaged hundreds of miles of the seashore as well. The spill led to the close down of several small businesses in the fishing and tourism industry since tar balls were found to be present in the nets (Cleveland, 2011). Even after several months in February 2011, the ill effects of the spill were still being found. Dead Baby dolphins were found washed up along Alabama and Mississippi. Experts have also found oil on the seafloor which has not degraded. The image below provides a clear idea of the amount of oil that was found to be spilled due to the explosion. This provides a date-wise record of government and non-government estimates.
The overall impact of the spill has been intense, and the impact will be felt for years to come. Although in the current times, the main issue being faced is the spill on the seashore and the dead marine and wildlife, this spill will have a major irreparable damage to the Gulf Stream and can cause global thermoregulation activities as well (Zangari, 2010). The damage has been caused to the environment as well as the company. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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