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How Is E- Marketing Different From Traditional Marketing - Term Paper Example

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The author discusses e-marketing as a form of marketing. The author analyzes the revolution which E-marketing has brought into the modern world. To prove his/her point the author not only discusses the theoretical aspect of it but he/she discusses a case study from the tourism industry. …
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How Is E- Marketing Different From Traditional Marketing
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Extract of sample "How Is E- Marketing Different From Traditional Marketing"

Download file to see previous pages E-marketing has enabled marketers to offer more customized services in response to the ever increasing demand for customized services. E-marketing not only helps in reducing costs but it is more efficient in terms of reaching to the wider audience. It reduces the hassle of managing things manually which was both costly and required a lot of time. Advancement in e-marketing and good and efficient utilization of it is a key to the competitive advantage these days. Marketers tapping this opportunity have evolved their whole marketing mix by emphasizing on complete product giving value to the customer. Same is true for promotional techniques which are now based on search engine registration, advertising banners, and other online promotional schemes. Tourism industry specifically has come a long way in E-marketing. 11To cover all the aspects of marketing is beyond the scope of this report. What I have done is to select just one area of marketing i.e. promotion. Through this, I will try to analyze the revolution which E-marketing has brought in to the modern world. To prove my point I will not only discuss the theoretical aspect of it but will also discuss a case study from the tourism industry.
E-marketing is not a different subject altogether. It is built on existing marketing theories. It only incorporates the emerging body of e-business, e-commerce, and e-marketing in light of the difference between internet and other Media.
The innovation in technology and the ways in which we interact with them has changed dramatically. These days’ people just go to the internet to save some time and do shopping online. People these days use the internet as social and professional networking.  ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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How Is E- Marketing Different From Traditional Marketing Term Paper - 1.
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