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Using The Internet In Hospitality And Tourism Industry - Research Paper Example

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The internet has conveniently replaced numerous phone calls, faxes, and payment issues. Now potential guests just dial a toll-free number or book directly on the internet. The paper "Using The Internet In Hospitality And Tourism Industry" discusses the features of the hotel websites development…
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Using The Internet In Hospitality And Tourism Industry
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Extract of sample "Using The Internet In Hospitality And Tourism Industry"

Download file to see previous pages Present-day travelers are hyper-interactive, who are texting, tweeting, emailing, communicating with friends via Facebook and commenting on their current or previous travels.
The advent of social media and mobile Web means that potential guests for the hospitality industry have continuous access to multi-channel interaction and sharing opinions. Thus hotel websites have to be designed in order to handle this hyper-interactive user. Thus hotel websites can no longer be static brochures with stale and boring context. (Max Starkov).
The Holiday Inn hotel is a subsidiary of the IHG group of companies. It is a brand which remains consistent towards the board. Guests at the 1874 Holiday Inn hotels around the world know that they will be treated well and have a certain level of expectations regarding the service. In fact, the idea for the Holiday Inn hotels came into the mind of its founder, Kemmons Wilson when he was disappointed with the consistency of roadside motels during a trip to Washington DC. Consistency is a great advantage when it comes to providing services. The art of total quality management lies with the hospitality greats like Marriott, Hilton and of course Holiday Inn but when it comes to social media policies and the ever-changing world of the internet consistency has a huge downside.
Consistency is not the only key feature of the Holiday Inn hotels and resorts. Innovation goes side by side with consistency. Holiday Inn hotels were the first ones to introduce the Holidex reservation system giving its competitors a run for the money. Holiday Inn hotels also initiated the idea for indoor pools, termed Holidromes, turning its hotels into resorts. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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