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Integrated Marketing Communications: How Companies are Assessing Carbon Consciousness among Consumers - Research Paper Example

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The current research aims at analyzing various aspects of Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) in an attempt to shed light on the activities that modern organizations generally undertake in order to assess carbon consciousness among their consumers. …
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Integrated Marketing Communications: How Companies are Assessing Carbon Consciousness among Consumers
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Extract of sample "Integrated Marketing Communications: How Companies are Assessing Carbon Consciousness among Consumers"

Download file to see previous pages The knowledge about the way a brand is perceived by consumers helps organizations assess the extent to which it is preferred over other brands; on a more precise note, it may be said that “brand recognition has to do with how a brand is distinguished from and related to other brands” (van Gelder, 2005, “The Brand Recognition”). Macdonald and Sharp (2003) have argued that brand recognition takes place “in stimulus-based situations” which, according to Lynch and Srull (1982), are circumstances in which “all the relevant brand and attribute information is physically present”; in addition, they have drawn inspiration from Alba et al. (1991) and asserted that brand recognition also occurs in situations of mixed-choice, i.e. “where some of the information is physically present, and some must be recalled from memory” (Macdonald & Sharp, 2003, “Why is Brand Awareness Misunderstood?”). In the light of this discourse, it may also be quoted from Keller (n.d.) that “brand recognition relates to consumers’ ability to identify the brand under a variety of circumstances and can involve identification of any of the brand elements” (Grover & Vriens, “Measuring Brand Equity”).
Corporate goodwill depends heavily on brand recognition, i.e. the more consumers are drawn towards and satisfied by an organization’s product(s), the more successful the organization becomes in augmenting its goodwill. In the context of modern business practices, it has been observed in instances more than one that “corporate image advertising attempts to increase a firm’s name recognition, establish goodwill for the company and its products, or identify itself with some meaningful and socially acceptable activity” (Shimp, 2009, “Corporate Image Advertising”). However, some authors believe that this is a function which is specifically associated with marketing public relations (MPR).  ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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