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Marketing Strategy for Developing Solar Panels in Australia - Research Paper Example

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This paper, Marketing Strategy for Developing Solar Panels in Australia, showcases the marketing strategies for developing solar panels in Australia. In the attempt to do so, a detailed analysis of Australia including its overall market conditions have been carried out. …
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Marketing Strategy for Developing Solar Panels in Australia
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Extract of sample "Marketing Strategy for Developing Solar Panels in Australia"

Download file to see previous pages PEST analysis has been conducted on the Australian market to divulge the overall condition of the solar panel industry. The study has revealed that the political, economic and technological conditions are favorable for the growth of this industry. Political support coupled with advanced technology has made Australia a favorable ground for the development of solar energy industry. This industry has not yet been exploited and the profitability of the industry is still very low. Therefore, the nature of competition in this industry is yet to be deduced. However, this industry has the potential of stupendous growth as many foreign investors and manufacturers are entering the Australian market.
The future trend of this market seems good as Australia promises a huge potential customer base. The demand for solar panels is expected to rise with the increase in population and the consequent awareness of its long-term benefits. Australia abounds in high-income households who will be able to afford the cost of installing solar panels. The marketing strategy for solar panel focuses on its product, promotion and pricing strategies.
Global warming has caused various changes in the earth’s climate, the most prominent being the increase in the Earth’s temperature. The global warming has affected the sea level, rainfall pattern, wildlife and even the life of human beings. The negative effects of global warming on environment and lifestyle have become a serious concern for the civilized society. Environmentalists predict that global warming may lead to the worst weather events. However, the government does play a significant role in reducing the adverse effects of global warming.
Global warming has led to the discovery of various devices on renewable energy that can be used for household as well as commercial purpose. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Marketing Strategy for Developing Solar Panels in Australia Research Paper - 1.
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