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The Role of Perception in the Design of Effective Marketing Activities - Term Paper Example

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This paper "The Role of Perception in the Design of Effective Marketing Activities" is to develop a critical awareness and understanding of consumer and organizational buyer behavior and how they can be influenced by marketing activity. The paper describes the principal aspects of human psychology…
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The Role of Perception in the Design of Effective Marketing Activities
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Extract of sample "The Role of Perception in the Design of Effective Marketing Activities"

Download file to see previous pages As clearly identified by Kotler, perception is one of the four major psychological processes that influence the buyers’ choices, in addition to motivation, learning beliefs and attitudes. Perception is defined as “the process by which an individual selects, organizes, and interprets information inputs to create a meaningful picture of the world” (Kotler, 1980, 147). Accordingly, he averred that “perception depends not only on (1) the character of the physical stimuli but also on (2) the relation of the stimuli to the surrounding field and on (3) conditions within the individual” (ibid).

The IBS Center for Management Research (ICMR) explains that perception “is the process through which a person forms an opinion about the various stimuli he receives from his sensory organs. (It) is concerned with understanding how the consumer views a product or service. The five senses of a person help him in this process. The marketer uses various props to stimulate the consumer, that is, through the use of colors, sound, touch, taste, or smell, to observe the product” (2010). There are mental processes that are clearly manifested in every consumer’s decision-making when faced with vast alternative courses of action. As Kotler proffered, there are three mechanisms that explain the rationale for people’s diverse perceptions of practically the same stimulus object or situation. These aspects of human psychology influencing consumer behavior and decision making are more commonly known as selective exposure, selective distortion, and selective retention (Kotler, 1980, 147).

Studies reveal that knowledge is the end of a chain that begins with perceiving (by the senses), continues through thinking (by which the brain converts external events into images and symbols such as words), and ends in remembering (which stores information in memory, for later retrieval). ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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