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Product Service System, Greenwashing, Green Marketing - Assignment Example

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The paper "Product Service System, Greenwashing, Green Marketing" discusses that in general, the economic, legal and ethical responsibilities of a corporation must be adhered to ensure that it functions within the bounds of what is moral and what is lawful. …
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Product Service System, Greenwashing, Green Marketing
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Extract of sample "Product Service System, Greenwashing, Green Marketing"

Download file to see previous pages The basic constraint lies on the novelty of the concept. It has never been tried by a number of people which makes it impossible for them to judge of the merits of the system. They become wary of the idea of ‘leasing’ which is not easily acceptable to them. Furthermore, people are inherently territorial and we want things to be our possession. The sense of ownership is very important to us which is why the business model is hard to digest. Information dissemination is also lacking as there is no strong marketing campaign launched by the companies and their guiding principles that is sure to attract some people.
Among the companies gravely criticized for greenwashing is the large energy-producing company of Vattenfall, which supplies parts of Northern Europe. The company claims to be environment-friendly with its alleged vision of being climate-neutral by 2050 with its investments in wind energy, pre-drying lignite and other innovations including ocean energy research. Greenpeace criticized the company for using brown coal that forces relocation among communities. There is also the controversy on the CO2 disposal of the company in Denmark (Jacobsen & Maurizio, n.d.).
The currently controversial BP or British Petroleum has also been indicted for greenwashing. The $200 million dollar rebranding campaign the company enacted in 2000 advertised the green element they hoped to project. Citing the company as going “beyond petroleum” when in fact there had been several incidents of fatalities in oil spills in Alaska and refinery explosions (Esty and Winston, 2006). No other incident could prove this than the massive gulf oil spill which resulted in the United States’ biggest ecological disaster.
Esty and Winston advise that “complete dedication and attention to detail” are necessary for the realization of eco-orientation. As with the case of BP and others who were alleged with greenwashing, companies should be very careful about projecting a ‘green’ image in their advertisements if they are anything but.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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