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Agricultural marketing system - Term Paper Example

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However, despite the risks involved in operating a food product and agricultural company. Involving an individual or company in agricultural business requires adequate preparations…
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Agricultural marketing system
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Extract of sample "Agricultural marketing system"

Running Head: AGRICULTURAL MARKETING SYSTEM Agricultural Marketing System Insert Introduction Agricultural andfood marketing system
Agriculture and food industry is one of the areas that are yet to be exploited businesswise. However, despite the risks involved in operating a food product and agricultural company. Involving an individual or company in agricultural business requires adequate preparations including handling of food handling certificate which is essential as it reflects on the USA agricultural marketing system which should not be blamed. The paper is aimed at determining both functions and challenges of agriculture and food industry systems.
Role of micro economics in Agricultural marketing
Agricultural economics is more of related to proper financial counseling and training in agricultural economics, management requires time dedication and ability for an employee to keenly understand the issue of marketing majoring in agricultural field of practice (Martin, 1991, p. 53).
Agricultural input supplies
In order to gain from agricultural input supplies, the organization should not only sell the products but also train the users on how best to hold and use the specified products supplied. However, being a business oriented organization, it is better to stock supplies that contain the products that are required (Prasad, 2005, p. 15). Until this time, I had never realized any complication being that It is not connected to the internet to reduce products costs globally. In the food industry, the key challenge that most people face is lack of adequate food preservation equipment. However, food stuffs are getting more expensive hence high living standards within the same city (Meulenberg, 1995, p. 46).
Agricultural marketing system intermediaries
In order to come up with genuine work you have to be able to communicate your ideas, through the numerous struggles. Organizations like world food program should be encouraged as they create conducive atmosphere for most of the products. Through proper record keeping the system intermediaries are likely to assist in establishment (Martin, 1991, p. 39).
Food retailers
The module covered the retailers in food and agribusiness, through an amicable way all the workers are supposed to be engaged in service industry (Prasad, 2005, p. 34). Through some commitment it would be unable to travel home with a perception that it is wise not to attend to the daily chores as the customers who are unable to access goods and services from the local pubic would benefit from the any function (Meulenberg, 1995, p.48).
Being a busy day full of cookery and the kind and nature of products that are likely to be sold to traders who are likely to retain links, it is not possible to have everybody resting on such an occasion that requires services from retailers who are based within estates. They would sell better as they are well conversant to the customers within the estates (Prasad, 2005, p. 48).
In business consumers are the most important and should be well taken care of. In Agriculture and food marketing system, the targets customers are both while sales and retailers in the agribusiness. However, in order to be able to sale at highest side the trader should be able to indentify then potential customers in business (Martin, 1991, p. 57).
Customers’ satisfaction is more important so that they could maintain their source of raw materials for management of their small and micro enterprises in the food industry. The product costs and the quantity of goods demanded are essential in determining the quantity of goods that each consumer requires in order to maintain the support and product quantity and quality (Prasad, 2005, p. 65).
Issues and trends in Agricultural marketing
Through struggle and sacrifice, people get involved in business. Through search of agricultural marketing, the company should be able to access the socioeconomic trends; the demographic changes should also be in corporate so that the company would be able to dwell on a variety of products (Meulenberg, 1995, p. 52). However, in order to identify the issues and trends in business, it’s dept to demonstrate how agribusiness information can influence the marketing trend of agricultural produce as they await the final verdict on the search (Prasad, 2005, p. 33).

Martin, R. Lee. (1991), A Survey of Agricultural Economics Literature: Agriculture in economic development 1940s to 1990s. U of Minnesota- USA: U of Minnesota Press.
Meulenberg , Mathew. (1995), Food and Agribusiness Marketing in Europe: Volume 5, Issue 3 of Journal of International Food and Agribusiness Marketing Series. London- UK: Routledge.
Prasad, Jagdish. (2005), Encyclopedia of Agricultural Marketing, Volume 12. New Delhi- India: Mittal Publishers. Read More
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Agricultural Marketing System Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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