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The Marketing Opportunity of Sulfur, a Byproduct in the Oil and Gas Industry - Coursework Example

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The paper  “The Marketing Opportunity of Sulfur, a Byproduct in the Oil and Gas Industry“ elaborates the importance of processing and ensuring correct utilization of this byproduct. The increase in production capacity for sulfur processing is important for complex industrial development. …
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The Marketing Opportunity of Sulfur, a Byproduct in the Oil and Gas Industry
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Extract of sample "The Marketing Opportunity of Sulfur, a Byproduct in the Oil and Gas Industry"

Download file to see previous pages The increasing use of sulfur in various forms of its compounds in commercial and industrial establishments is the basis of the demand for sulfur compounds or products in the market place. 
It is in this backdrop, we identify Sulphur as ‘a product with great potential’, offering excellent marketing opportunity, which is sustainable in the long run.  There is a good scope for diversification by creating new uses in the variants, through value addition, to cater to the needs of the existing customers and new customers of the products. 
It is to be understood that proper strategies should be evolved in this connection to absorb the sulphur based products produced by the refineries, process these byproducts to convert it into useable byproducts, regulate the supply through strong distribution channels to match the demands emerging from various sectors of various geographical areas and make continuous research in the field to expand the usage of the products, after taking into account the safety and environmental issues. 
The symbol of the chemical element sulfur is ‘S’, and its atomic number is 16.  Sulfur is naturally available in many forms and found in salt domes, volcanoes, hot springs, gypsum, Epsom salts, etc. Sulfur is useful and essential for human life.  Various forms of sulfur such as Carbon disulfide, copper sulfate, hydrogen sulfide, and sulfur dioxide are related to human life.  Though useful and essential for human life, these compounds of sulfur should be handled with care, as they have dangerous properties. In addition, to the normal production or extraction of sulfur, hydrodesulphurisation of oil and has resulted in an abundance of the supply of sulfur. There is a regular supply of sulfur, assured by the Oil & Gas industry on account of desulphurization of oil and gas, which is undertaken for the purpose of pollution control and the issue of global warming.  According to ‘the EU's large combustion plant directive (LCPD) … all coal and oil-fired power stations not equipped with flue gas desulphurization to remove harmful sulfur dioxide emissions will need to close by 2015.’  Therefore, it is obvious that the success lies in the processing of these byproducts to make them usable in the market and storage and transportation of the products to the end users. 
Sulfur has many commercial uses in day to day life and mainly used in the manufacturing of fertilizers, pesticides, gunpowder, matches, etc.  The application of the compounds of sulfur is found in detergents, dyestuffs, photography, the pharmaceutical industry, etc. For example consumption of sulphuric acid is considered as an important pointer to the industrial development.  Needless to say, sulphuric acid is used for various purposes in the industries. Copper sulfate is an analytical reagent widely used in laboratories and hospitals for various tests and organic synthesis. The aim of this paper is to study the opportunities in the marketing of sulfur products, after processing of sulfur byproducts available with impurities on a regular basis from desulphurization process by refineries in the oil and gas industry.                             ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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(The Marketing Opportunity of Sulfur, a Byproduct in the Oil and Gas In Coursework)
The Marketing Opportunity of Sulfur, a Byproduct in the Oil and Gas In Coursework.
“The Marketing Opportunity of Sulfur, a Byproduct in the Oil and Gas In Coursework”, n.d.
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