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Guildford as an attractive Market Proposition With Very High Potential for Growth - Research Paper Example

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The paper describes the strategic plan that lays down the value. It looks into creating additional values to tackle the market competition successfully. The market objective, strategies and financial situation all are considered before coming up with an integrated marketing plan…
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Guildford as an attractive Market Proposition With Very High Potential for Growth
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Extract of sample "Guildford as an attractive Market Proposition With Very High Potential for Growth"

Download file to see previous pages There are three themes of integrated marketing emerging in the present marketing context. The main theme which has erupted is the targeting part of marketing. Here, in this context, it is understood that it is better to target or focus on a fewer number of people by providing them with customized services. The term direct marketing and direct mail are part of this strategy. The customization of services is done in design and also in the delivery part of the product that is being offered. This approach of keeping the customer's point of view at the centre of any marketing decision has made for the tailor-made approach. This has been advantageous to both customers and the company (California State University, n.d.). Targeting approach that is used in the integrated marketing has to be used as an approach for maximizing the response to the customers and also in decreasing the wasted effort from a business point of view. Integration approach in marketing has to be mainly used in target segments of customers (Lacobucci, 2003). The integrated marketing approach has to integrate with consumer behaviour over a certain period of time and dimension. The strategy that is used to communicate with the customers is another dimension of the integrated marketing approach. In this approach, advertising on television is used. It helps in reaching a larger number of audiences. In terms of communication part, marketing approach has to be constructed with the integration of measured media approach and other different communication opportunities. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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Guildford As an Attractive Market Proposition With Very High Potential Research Paper.
“Guildford As an Attractive Market Proposition With Very High Potential Research Paper”, n.d.
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