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Market Size and Growth Potential for Each of NANOTECH Product - Research Paper Example

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 The part of this study, Market Size and Growth Potential for Each of NANOTECH Product, is the investigation of the following areas: the market size and growth potential for each product of NANOTECH and PESTLE (political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental) analysis on China. …
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Market Size and Growth Potential for Each of NANOTECH Product
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Download file to see previous pages Unlike any other patches available in the market, NANOTECH’s patches are non-transdermal. This means that with NANOTECH’s products, no chemical can enter into the body which further implies the absence of undesirable side effects.
China has become one of the US’s trading partners. In fact, China is US’s third largest export market. This only shows that China is a very potential market for US products and services. In fact, the importation of China on medical devices from 2006 to 2008 reached up to 2, 504 in million dollars which is 34% of the total percentage of importation around the world. The figure shown in Table 1 only shows the good trust China is giving on medical devices produced through the US technology. As noticed, from 2006 to 2008, the share of imported medical devices from the US by China remains to be on top which is more than 30% for three consecutive years. This is a significant result showing the probable growth of potential products coming from the US.
The case of NANOTECH products is not a different story. In fact, the products produced by NANOTECH may either belong to consumer or medical goods. One thing that gives NANOTECH products their good market potential in China is the fact that Chinese people have greater confidence in the technology and products of the US.
China’s population is 1.3 billion and it is expected to reach up to 1.4 billion in 2050. This is a huge population and in fact, China is second to the country with the largest population, India. This means that the opportunity for NANOTECH products in China with its current population is huge. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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