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Relationship Marketing and Development for Nonprofit Organizations - Research Paper Example

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In the essay “Relationship Marketing and Development for Nonprofit Organizations” the author tries to answer the questions: why should an organization get into managing its customers at all? Why CRM has become such a critical component for an organization?…
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Relationship Marketing and Development for Nonprofit Organizations
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Extract of sample "Relationship Marketing and Development for Nonprofit Organizations"

Download file to see previous pages Later with means of production becoming easy and fast, the focus changed to product from customer. Eventually while analyzing the returns on the businesses, organizations realized that making a first class product alone is not enough to make the customer happy. In fact, it is essential to building a relationship and customer loyalty in order to retain the customer as a business stands to benefit in the long run with the retention of the customer. Hence the focus today is on customer loyalty and marketing of customer relationships.
Australian Wildlife Conservancy became a public charitable organization in the year 2001. It owns around 20 sanctuaries all over Australia. It protects at least 300 ecosystems, 100 threatened ecosystems, and 170 threatened animal species. AWC has a staff strength of 80 which works on the field on various environmental conservation projects. The functioning of AWC is as follows:
It is interesting to note that AWC has various partnerships with the corporate and it runs effective programs both on corporate as well as individual level. Some of the corporate partners are, Optus, Exterra, Sydney Wildlife World, Skansen, Kathmandu, Ajilon etc. The reason to choose this particular nonprofit organization is it has relations in business to business as well business to the customer both the segments. It is headed by the most competent board of directors who have considered environment conservation as the motto of their lives. Only when the top brass of an organization is so motivated to the cause, the organization gains respect in the public and is widely followed as an example. Customer relationship marketing model which has already been exercised by the organization has proven to be very effective so far. Any further efforts in the area of customer relationship marketing are definitely going to help the organization establish itself further.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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