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Does Corporate Sector Improve its Work Efficiency - Essay Example

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The present study aims to estimate the effects of energy drinks on the work performance of the professionals. The main objective of conducting this research is to find out whether the already existing energy drinks fulfill the requirements of the professionals and workers…
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Does Corporate Sector Improve its Work Efficiency
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Extract of sample "Does Corporate Sector Improve its Work Efficiency"

Download file to see previous pages Since various products are already available in the markets, yet people look for a drink for the complete energy revival against economical price.
In order to estimate the positive effects of consuming the energy drink on energy restoration, the researcher will select 60 respondents from London city. The research aims to select both males and females belonging to the age group from 25 to 55 years and working at any organization at different positions. The respondents will be taken from various professions in order to give complete representation to different age-groups, genders and social classes. In addition, the research will help out in exploring the requirements of the professionals involved both in mental as well as physical work.
Theoretical Framework: Being the vast topic in its nature and scope, the present study will be supported with Veblen’s Theory of Leisure Class (1899), Maslow’s Need Hierarchical theory (1943), Social Stratification Theory developed by Davis and Moore (1945) and Porter’s Five Forces Model.
Originality: The research is being conducted to launch a new energy drink for the employers, managers, employees, laborers and workers for the increase in their work efficiency through the restoration of their energy level. Being a topic of great socioeconomic concern, it would help in conducting more researchers on similar or relevant topics in future.
Background Information about the Energy-R: The present study looks for making an all-inclusive examination of Energy-R, the organization selected for the present study. This UK based foodstuff and soft drink manufacturing company have been offering its services in the food industry for the last two decades under the brand name Ailasia Inc. The company has successfully established its restaurants' chain in all important cities of the country including London, Manchester, Edinburg, Birmingham, Heathrow, and others.  ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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