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The Primary Focus of Nor'easters' Marketing Strategy - Case Study Example

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The paper "The Primary Focus of Nor’easters’ Marketing Strategy" presents the company's plan to effectively allocate and coordinate marketing resources and activities to accomplish the firm’s objectives, within a specific product-market or target market. The critical issue is specifying the target market for a particular product and product line…
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The Primary Focus of Noreasters Marketing Strategy
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Extract of sample "The Primary Focus of Nor'easters' Marketing Strategy"

Download file to see previous pages Nor’easters of Springfield is a new class A minor baseball team headed by President and General manager Bob Cortez and eagerly monitored in marketing prospects by Larry Buckingham, the Director of marketing. As an initial player in the market Nor’ easter planned to start their first season in June 2009 with full preparation of competing in the existing market of Springfield, a small city located 92 miles west of Boston, with a well-planned marketing strategy. The environment of Springfield was highly competitive as teams like “FALCON” (a minor league ice hockey team) was planning to leave Springfield due to too much market competition. Though in 1950, the city of Springfield was a vibrant one with diverse manufacturing centers, by 2008 only a few large manufacturers remained, with the city losing many higher-wage-earning residents. It was a big challenge for Larry Buckingham to formulate new market strategies to bring in the target customer base (60% of household comprised families with children younger than 18 years age group) with new offers, thereby sustaining at the initial level of business and earning the breakeven in the first year. Problem Specification:
In the target market of Springfield, it is a difficult task for Larry to design market research in a short span of time through selected research design, and thereby fix the appropriate price for the ticket and other offerings for the baseball fan. Designing a survey with financial constraints and keeping in tune with the volatile situation of sports the market was a risky job for Larry. The reports from sports reporters and different sports administrators were a source of information for him to take an effective strategic decision about Nor’easters’ different offering schemes. Although that information from external sources could be valid, it cannot be foolproof. “Larry needed data that was specific to his market and that was relevant for his purposes. The older market data that he had available was insufficient for determining the possible attendance numbers and did not answer any questions about the current demographics in his area.” (Case study). ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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The Primary Focus of Nor'Easters' Marketing Strategy Case Study - 1.
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