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Development of Global Mobile Phone Industry - Assignment Example

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The company that is the subject of this research is ‘A Ltd.’, a large mobile phone producing company with most of its operations in Western Europe. The researcher states that it is the place where the innovation of mobile phones has taken its leadership role…
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Development of Global Mobile Phone Industry
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Extract of sample "Development of Global Mobile Phone Industry"

Download file to see previous pages This research tells that the expected demand, as of now, would be from the demand for replacements which focus mainly on the value they offer. This product falls in the segment of the consumer electronics which are reaching their maturity stage. To sustain demand in this already worked out areas, they need to upgrade their features and functionality periodically. Most of the expected demand could be from young professionals who need these gadgets as a daily requirement. At the same time, they also crave for exciting features like navigation keys, camera, touch control, web browsing, GPS etc. The company is on the thought of producing such new range of hi-tech mobile devices to capture demand. The last three terms are supportive to the first term that the company should put in all efforts into work to attain agility and operational excellence. This is to ensure that a sale is not missed in this highly competitive market. A practical example in this direction is the cost of goodwill which Orange had to lose before Christmas because of its depleted stock reserves of Nokia 8210 which was featured in the film Charlie’s Angels. To avoid such disruption and also ensure fast sales on the other end, it is very important that the company has to analyze both on the internal (SWOT) and external fronts (PEST). As the external information can be very minimally controlled, the internal management has to adapt itself to complement the external environment and implement the required sales. For this, at the outset, both the analysis has to be taken into consideration. Security and privacy laws can never be deterred. Similarly, availability of spectrum needs funding. The only thing with which they can play is that of pricing of their product. They should decide whether to offer plain vanilla combinations at floor price or a mixture of high-tech features at the profitable price. Because of infrastructural needs in addition to security and spectrum, it is better to devise plans to offer high-tech features mixture at the profitable price.
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