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Mobile Technologies for Increased Productivity - Research Paper Example

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The purpose of the paper “Mobile Technologies for Increased Productivity” is to examine fundamental technological innovations in the telecommunications industry. The ease of communication has greatly benefited the business communities it continues to revolutionize the way business and work is done…
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Mobile Technologies for Increased Productivity
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Extract of sample "Mobile Technologies for Increased Productivity"

Mobile Technologies for Increased Productivity and Profitability. As technology continues to advance in our modern society, the way we live, interact with each other and do everything has also changed drastically. The world is now typically a global village and information can easily be transferred from one point to another regardless which part of the world, thanks fundamental technological innovations in the telecommunications industry. One of the greatest beneficiaries of these technological innovations is the global business community. The ease of communication has greatly benefited the business communities it continues to revolutionize the way business and work is done. The advent of mobile technology greatly empowered the business community by easing communication between employees as well as business and their customers thus increasing demand for mobile based business technologies on gadgets such as the iPhone, iPad and many others. Applications such as android, RIM Blackberry and windows for mobile phones has seen an increasing demand in the business world due to their many benefits.
Owing to the fast paced growth in mobile technologies it is an open secret just having email access through mobile phones is not sufficient to improve productivity levels and better the information employees have. Employees in the business setting need to access important business documents such as the customer relationship management systems to know the status of cases, obtain presentations for information and carry out business intelligence roles. The integration of business processes through mobile applications using devices such as tablets, PDAs, smartpones and laptops is will therefore enable collaborations, communication between employees and the business, talking to the customer and suppliers hence ease business operations. Mobile applications enable access to business data and information without necessarily having to be in office, whether in the field, at home visiting customers or on business trips thus increased productivity. The way business is done changes through innovative ways to work, team efficiency and giving better value to the customer. It is against this backdrop that many companies want learn the potential of mobile technology in relation to employee productivity and increased business profitability.
Benefits include ease of communication through networking and connections between the business and its employees, critical suppliers and customers. Twitter, Linkedin, Skype, Whatsup, Facebook and many other social media applications are enable direction between the business and key stakeholders. This connectivity and direct communication is important in shaping the customer experience. The connectivity and direct communication through mobile technology firms get important customer feedback on products and services hence better product development. The marketing aspect of companies benefits greatly from mobile connectivity as potential clients can access advertisements and promotions on their cell phones from anywhere in the world. The use of text messages, IVR, and mobile websites can really aid in customizing marketing adverts for specific audiences. A lot of commerce can be achieved by mobile technologies through mobile ticketing, issuance of loyalty cards, vouchers and coupons. A token that is virtual is delivered to a mobile phone and the customer can come with it to the point of sale for value. Customers are also able to conveniently purchase various contents such music, video clips, books, games and wallpapers on their phones without having to talk to the business. Mobile based applications also enable business offer vital services such as mobile banking, internet banking, brokerage services, and general product information and price catalogs to customers through the mobile phone.
In conclusion therefore mobile applications for business have the potential to improve customer experience through instant orders, deliveries access to information, benchmarking and acting to customer feedback on products and services. Mobile solutions include commerce, ease of communication, GPS tracking, websites, infrastructure to connect with customers/suppliers and creation of informational data bases for management. Companies which buy the concept of mobility and leverage on the same to grow profits and optimize productivity will no doubt emerge more efficient.
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