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Social Networking & Web Marketing - Literature review Example

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This paper "Social Networking & Web Marketing" discusses marketing as well as facilitates the online marketing business that is open 24 hours a day to make money. In addition, at present customers are purchasing goods and services more than ever…
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Social Networking & Web Marketing
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Extract of sample "Social Networking & Web Marketing"

Download file to see previous pages Furthermore, they offer a richness of communication that was possible through desktop applications (Lewis, 2010; Wamelen & Kool, 2008).
According to OReilly (2005), the Web 2.0 systems are developed by modern programmers by means of development of structures like that Ruby On Rails (this was developed for the programming language Ruby) as well as Django (intended for the programming language Python). In addition, the programming for web 2.0 also comprises the families of technologies similar to AJAX. For web 2.0, the technology developers support dynamic languages as they facilitate fast debugging, development as well as the deployment of the new web. On the other hand, the compiling of static languages needs additional time to develop moreover are additional complex to set up. In this scenario dynamic programming languages as well as facilitate data and information to flow in the course of the Web system simply, offering dynamic content (OReilly, 2005; Millard & Ross, 2006).

Web 2.0 technology provides such tools and techniques that offer better business management and customer attraction. These tools include podcasts, blogs, wikis, social tagging, RSS, vlogs, and mashups are a combination of “grown-up however freshened” internet marketing practices similar to e-mail authorization, advertising, web-based search engine advertising as well as online marketing to get attention as well as connect clients online. Furthermore, corporations are empowering business websites to make stronger their products and brands online (Cummings et al., 2009; Millard & Ross, 2006).

Web 2.0 is more flexible as compared to Web 1.0. In addition, this new web is more users oriented and offers facilities for the better management of user content by offering enhanced control over web-based content and easy customization facilities.

Social networks are common among the current generation and people are extensively participating in these forums.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Social Networking & Web Marketing Literature Review.
“Social Networking & Web Marketing Literature Review”.
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