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Top Four Marketing Strategies for Small Business - Literature review Example

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The paper “Top Four Marketing Strategies for Small Business”  discusses the ideas of Janet Becker who has been named Australian Marketer of the Year by the association of Marketing Communications Executive International for her thoughts and concepts on top marketing strategies for small companies…
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Top Four Marketing Strategies for Small Business
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Extract of sample "Top Four Marketing Strategies for Small Business"

Download file to see previous pages Ms. Becker has given four smart strategies that can be used by small businesses in their marketing. Before starting with the strategies, she first suggested that you should know your problem. When she talks about the problem, she is referring to the concerns of your potential customers that you are willing to solve for them. She said, "As business owners what we are really about are solving problems. It is that simple really. If people have a problem they are willing to pay for someone to solve and you have that solution - then you have a business”.
After knowing the problem, she has given the marketing strategies that are necessary that in tackling ‘the problem’. These are; first, create a tarket. A 'tarket' is an imaginary person. But it is not just an imaginary person. They are a composite of your ideal customer. This is the person you imagine you are writing to when you create any marketing messages. Describe them to detail and even give them a name (p 2). Second, concentrate on list building first. This will allow you to keep in touch by mail, e-mail or phone with your customers and potential customers. This strategy serves two purposes. One is to keep in touch with your customers and second is use the contact information surveys or getting to know what other products your customers use. The third is knowing your numbers. By knowing what are the actual results of your advertisements or campaign adds, you get a clearer picture or perspective of what really works for the product. She suggests that separate codes and tags be used in tracking each advertisement so that you will have a better idea where most of the sales are coming from. Finally, ask yourself ‘what are you doing for your business?’ this is a common lapse among small businesses. Normally, what they do is that they just do it and pray to hope that things will turn out fine. They do things without carefully mapping out the strategies that they will be using for the business she strongly commends that “plan your ideas carefully but, most importantly, ensure you implement them!” ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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