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Renovation And Innovation In Organizations Marketing - Case Study Example

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Any of the initiatives that are successful in one of the target markets might not work in another market. The paper "Renovation And Innovation In Organizations Marketing" discusses that a mixed bag of many of the strategies should be implemented to attain the desired results…
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Renovation And Innovation In Organizations Marketing
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Extract of sample "Renovation And Innovation In Organizations Marketing"

Download file to see previous pages The essential features of innovation and renovation should always be part of the companies so that the companies can stay aligned with the changing needs of the customers and develop their products likewise.
It was in the year 1860 when a pharmacist named Henri Nestle thought of preparing a food item that would benefit the children that missed the breast food. The first success of Mr. Henri Nestle was in the form of a premature baby who could not have the milk of his mother and also not any of the normal substitutes. Soon the food item as developed by Henri became popular and the market accepted the product as it successfully saved the infant’s life. Soon, the product of the company was found to be sold all over Europe. The major breakthrough came in the year of 1905 when Nestle amalgamated with Anglo-Swiss Condensed Milk Company. The World War I created a huge demand for the milk products and Nestle benefitted strongly from such demand. By that time, the company was found to be operating in the United States, Germany, Britain, and Spain. Though the end of the war reduced the demand of the dairy products, the company diversified into the related products of chocolate and a new journey started. In between the years of 1938 to 1944, the company also brought up the product named ‘Nescafe’, which was the staple drink of the US troops. The end of war called for major diversifications for the company and it saw a whole lot of mergers and acquisitions involving Nestle which included Maggi Seasonings and Soups, Crosse & Blackwell, Findus, Libby’s and Stouffer’s. Since then it has been almost a glorious run for the company (Nestle, “History”).
Innovation and renovation have been part of the Nestle since the outset. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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