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Social Networks Contribution to Organizational International Marketing Strategies - Research Proposal Example

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The paper "Social Networks Contribution to Organizational International Marketing Strategies" highlights that the proposed research study does not involve the disclosure of any important or classified information and does not involve the discussion of sensitive issues and subjects. …
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Social Networks Contribution to Organizational International Marketing Strategies
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Extract of sample "Social Networks Contribution to Organizational International Marketing Strategies"

Download file to see previous pages The prospects for expanding marketing strategies have significantly been widened mainly due to the fact that internet social networks eventually constitute important consumer networks as well (Hill et al., 2006).
In the onset of constantly growing social networks via the net, organizations throughout the world are challenged by the increased potentials to access wider pools of customers or customer bases and gradually leverage opportunities that are offered by the people’s networking. The study upon the benefits that are attached to the marketing strategies of organizations through social networks (Facebook etc) has become imperative as these predominantly dictate current marketing practices.
On - line social networks have emerged into significant tools at the disposal of international corporations as a means of expanding marketing strategies and strengthening brand image and customer loyalty. The rapid expansion of online social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter and MySpace, have eventually created a new era in the marketing discipline and paradigm. International organizations are faced with numerous opportunities in exploiting and leveraging on-line social networks in order to increase their prospects for reaching international consumers and generally accomplishing to gain access to wide pools of customers. This project deals with the estimation of the benefits that are attached to marketing strategies focusing on online social networks, especially in the area of international business, conducts. Undertaking a case study approach to firms that have established a presence in such networks, the project eventually aims at exploring the mechanisms and the processes that underline marketing strategies online as well as the advantages that are gained by those firms. The qualitative approach to the research method (through interviews) further adds depth and scope to the investigation of the opportunities offered by online social networks especially on the part of corporations themselves. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Social Networks Contribution to Organizational International Marketing Research Proposal.
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