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Restaurant Based Businesses in Scarborough, the UK - Case Study Example

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This study "The Productivity and Limitations of Restaurant Based Businesses in Scarborough, the UK" focuses on the Opera House Casino which combines gambling, a restaurant, and two bars.  The placement of the company is seen in its working environment and its functions are analyzed from different viewpoints using PEST and SWOT analysis. …
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Restaurant Based Businesses in Scarborough, the UK
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Extract of sample "Restaurant Based Businesses in Scarborough, the UK"

Download file to see previous pages The Casino is one of the defining attractions of the Scarborough area. It opened its doors to gamblers, drinkers and food lovers alike during October 2005. The seven million pound investment in the venture is the largest that has ever been made in the name of entertainment in the last thirty years of Scarborough’s history. Our focus is the establishment in general but the special focus will be maintained over the restaurant for the purpose of this report. Market Segments
Simply put, a market segment is basically the process of slicing the market into various parts thereby creating groups that share similar needs and wants (Moore 2008). Market segmentation is based on a variety of factors such as age, gender, social status etcetera. The idea is to not target consumers through generalized mass marketing but create a unique marketing mix to that they can associate with the goods or services that are being provided and hence be more inclined to spend on those goods and services due to the affinity they feel. It is impossible for all consumers to be homogenous and they will always have some unique traits which are uncommon with the rest of society at large. It can be argued that there’s no way to target consumers in groups because people are so different and mass marketing thus makes the most sense. However, the fact is that by using a logical marketing mix, the manager can create an association of the product with the consumer that mass marketing cannot. People are attracted to things they can relate to and not empty ideas (Kanuk 2005). Defining and locating market segments
The marketing segments for the Opera House Casino are not ordinary ones. They are a complicated mixture because of the many services that the Opera House Casino strives to provide. In essence, the establishment is a multi-operational business and caters to many different needs. The casino does not only cater to the local market as many tourists stop by the place as well and most do not want to miss out on an attraction like the Opera House. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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Restaurant Based Businesses in Scarborough, the UK Case Study.
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