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Overview on Main Key Players in Coffee Trading - Research Paper Example

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From the paper "Overview on Main Key Players in Coffee Trading" it is clear that Kraft Food has renowned brands like Maxwell House, Starbucks (under license), Gevalia, General Foods International, Yuban, Sanka, Nabob and Seattle’s Best (under license) coffees operating in the US market…
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Overview on Main Key Players in Coffee Trading
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Extract of sample "Overview on Main Key Players in Coffee Trading"

Download file to see previous pages As the days are passing, the companies are applying new marketing strategies for appealing the coffee lovers. A lot more amount of careful strategies are applied in branding, packaging, pricing and improving the taste to make the product more lucrative. So in the present analysis, it has been tried to find out how the competitors are using the key principles and practices of marketing to differentiate their offerings and achieve a competitive advantage in the coffee market.
Marketing has been defined by Adcock, Halborg and Ross (2001) as ‘the study of exchange process especially those associated with the provision of goods and services.’ (Adcock, Halborg and Ross, 2001) This defines what important role marketing plays in case of business. The customers can not access the products until and unless that product is marketed.
A company’s total marketing strategy should have an efficient mixture of tools of advertising, promotion via sales and relationship with the people along with selling personally and marketing director. (Kotler and Armstrong, 2005) According to Kotler and Armstrong (2005), the following points have to be kept in mind for making a market strategy:
3. Public relation: One very important prerequisite of marketing is the establishment of good relations with the public for obtaining favourable publicity, setting up a good image in the corporate level and managing unfavourable rumours or events that can adversely affect the company.
5. Direct Marketing: Last but not the least; it is very profitable for the firm if it can directly establish a connection with the targeted individuals to get both an immediate response and maintain long-lasting relationships with the customers. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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