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Current Trends in the Marketing Communications Environment - Assignment Example

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This paper "Current Trends in the Marketing Communications Environment" focuses on the fact that the marketing communications industry is comprised of entities that include the companies, the agencies, the media, with the customers and other company stakeholders in between them. …
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Current Trends in the Marketing Communications Environment
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Extract of sample "Current Trends in the Marketing Communications Environment"

Download file to see previous pages Traditional marketing communication functions such as advertising and public relations have also extended over the internet, as companies utilize the web to reach target audiences. One example of this is Toyotas marketing campaign of its Scion brand in 2006 in, a website is set up to for kids age 8-15 in order to encourage greater interaction and induce brand loyalty (Cousineau & Scurry 2006). According to Cousineau & Scurry, with websites such as these where consumers can try the brands, in the kid's case—test driving the Scion—consumers interests are aroused which make them seek out [a] brand and interact with it on an ongoing basis rather than actively avoid it (2006, 37).

An e-mail has replaced traditional snail mail and postcards in reaching consumers. With the emergence of emails, advertising campaigns are made accessible to a larger group of consumers without incurring many costs. The emergence of blogs, short for weblogs also shapes the current trends in marketing communications. As many so-called bloggers gain a certain degree of credibility and authority in terms of the subjects that they blog about, they sometimes become major influencers to consumers as regards purchase. Many online communities have also revolutionized the ways companies interact with consumers, as they now have some say over the development of products and services. These communities offer huge support to consumers, making consumers co-creator of values as the shift of power leans toward consumers.

Apart from the internet, other non-traditional channels are being utilized by companies such as mobile marketing, or marketing through the short messaging system in mobile phones. In Japan, for example, the Seven-Eleven loyalty campaign which has been launched in May 2006 is done with mobile marketing as part of the marketing communications mix (Fujita 2006, 44). As the internet is also being integrated in many mobile handset models, the way companies do advertising and other marketing communication functions have changed over the years.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Current Trends in the Marketing Communications Environment Assignment.
(Current Trends in the Marketing Communications Environment Assignment)
Current Trends in the Marketing Communications Environment Assignment.
“Current Trends in the Marketing Communications Environment Assignment”.
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