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Is Now a Good Time to Acquire UK Marketing Media Agency - Essay Example

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The paper "Is Now a Good Time to Acquire UK Marketing Media Agency?" describes that it is important to note that marketing consultancies and the media in the context fashion industry have a greater opportunity, in the provision of goods and services. …
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Is Now a Good Time to Acquire UK Marketing Media Agency
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Extract of sample "Is Now a Good Time to Acquire UK Marketing Media Agency"

Download file to see previous pages United Kingdom fashion industry is one of the sectors in UK which have registered good performance in the current period. This industry for many years have grown tremendously becoming one of the notable industry in UK. The industry has resulted into significant impact on the social and economic impact in the country. Fashion industry in UK has become integrated to its citizens live hood. This has become turned fashion to be a possible trivial and enjoyable thus becoming more attractive to the potential and the prospective customers (Dransfield 2005).
The overview on the external environmental analysis of this industry enables investors to gather several logistics before investing in this industry. PESTEL analysis entails critical analysis on the political, economic, social, technological, environmental and legal factors which have significant effects to the establishment and the success of every industry.
This analysis is essential in the assessment of any market if it is worth to invest in it. This comprises the examination of the external macro-environment which is important aspect of a company before preparing a business plan. The external environment examination is important in the decision making process. It is also appropriate to carry out this analysis over sometime to ensure that all the uncertainties and the dynamic nature of the industry are addressed in the context of fashion industry market in United Kingdom (Dransfield 2005). Fashion industry in UK is considered one of the competitive markets the world. Big fashion companies such as Burberry, Marks & Spencer, TopShop, French Conection and Super group. The PESTEL analysis is considered one of the best tools in the assessment of the market; the facts from the analysis are used in establishing marketing strategies.
This basically relates to the changes, market dynamism and influences attributed to the government. It is notable that there are a significant number of policies and regulations in UK that have affected the marketing consultancies and the media in regard to fashion industry (Britton 2009).  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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