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The Act of Storing Food and Making Food - Literature review Example

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The paper 'The Act of Storing Food and Making Food' presents a simple supermarket which is to nature. Most people forget that past the produce and fresh or frozen meats, things such as cereals and snack foods are made from plants and other aspects of nature commonly used for food creation…
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The Act of Storing Food and Making Food
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Extract of sample "The Act of Storing Food and Making Food"

Download file to see previous pages When corn was first discovered, people fell in love with how available it was, and how simple it was to just pick, husk, and eat. They were also pleased that they could store it and use it as needed when they needed to. It was a perfect grain for traveling pilgrims during those times. Without humans, corn could not survive, as it needed to be husked to drop its seeds.
In chapter two, it is learned how important the workings of a farm are to food production. Everything from the soil that plants and grains are grown in, to the machines used to produce items for cooking play huge roles in the larger scheme of things. Even the grain that is fed to the animals has to be the best kind, to produce the best meat for sale. Everything is done in detail and with perfection and care since the process is a delicate thing.
Another interesting thing found in chapter two is when the prices for corn decreased, the need for cattle and chicken also decreased, to the point that very little meat was being sent out into grocery stores. There was a time when farmers increased how much corn they grew, yet they did not decrease its growth when its demand was not as high as it used to be. Animals were moved into factories, as opposed to being raised the natural way on a farm, and farmers took more care in seeing that corn was produced for consumers.
The journey that corn makes from the stalk to our freezers and our plates is an interesting one. According to Pollan, “tracing any single bushel of corn is as impossible as tracing a bucket of water after it’s been poured into a river.” It is bizarre that something that is as monitored closely as food production is also one of the things that are hardest to keep track of. Once the corn hits the grain elevators, it is difficult to know what happens to each individual kernel, as only half of them make it through the elevator. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Act of Storing Food and Making Food Literature review.
(The Act of Storing Food and Making Food Literature Review)
The Act of Storing Food and Making Food Literature Review.
“The Act of Storing Food and Making Food Literature Review”.
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