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Case 5-3 - Assignment Example

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The foot-in-the-door technique is an effective phenomenon that has its basis in the fact that people are more likely to comply with smaller requests and later accept larger requests. Sales representatives use the tactic…
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Case 5-3
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Download file to see previous pages After inspecting the roof, Joel requested Don to seal a deal that would see Joel’s company replace Don’s roof. The author describes this technique in chapter 16 and its efficiency in promoting sales.
Joel’s use of the foot-in-the-door technique may be considered as manipulative because he begins by proposing a small request to Don, which he is sure that Don cannot decline. Don is committed to maintaining his home and he would benefit immensely from the inspection of his roof by an expert. Therefore, he easily gives into Joel’s request. However, Joel utilizes Don’s compliance to manipulate him further so that they can discuss the roof’s condition and that he may introduce his company’s offer. Without a doubt, Joel calculates his moves effectively to ensure that Don easily closes the deal allowing the company to replace his roof (p. 342). Without a doubt, Joel uses the technique to evoke the emotions of Don a factor that may contribute to him accepting the offer blindly. As Chapter 16 highlights, manipulative sales representatives are more likely to use this technique.
Chapter 16 gives attention to vulnerable consumers, but highlights that the vulnerability of consumers may be defined in various ways. The chapter reveals that elderly consumers are more likely to exhibit high levels of vulnerability, which is exploited by sales representatives. If a sales representatives recognizes that a consumer is vulnerable, he or she takes the advantage of such vulnerability and influences their purchasing decisions. From a superficial point of view Don seems to be a vulnerable consumer because of the value he attaches to his home and the commitment he has to maintain his home in perfect condition (p. 343). However, a deeper analysis of the situation reveals that he has little knowledge about roofing and that he is unable to inspect his roof regularly. His lack of sufficient knowledge about Roofing serves as a point of vulnerability. However, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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