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Analyse and discuss how the introduction of internet technologies has and is changing retailing. Give examples to illustrate your answer - Essay Example

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Online retailing also known as electronic retailing (E-retailing), involves selling goods and services through the use of the internet, mainly the online websites. The E- retailing includes business-to-customer or the business-to-business sales, the revenues revolving around…
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Analyse and discuss how the introduction of internet technologies has and is changing retailing. Give examples to illustrate your answer
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"Analyse and discuss how the introduction of internet technologies has and is changing retailing. Give examples to illustrate your answer"

Download file to see previous pages Over the years, the advancements on the internet have led to many companies adapting to the use of online. Online retailing or e-retailing resulted in the development of the e-tail ware (software tools that help in creating online catalogue and at the same managing those businesses connected with the e-tailing). The introduction of internet technologies has been and is still changing retailing; companies have adapted the system of online retailing, as it is fast and cheaper that of "physical" retailing (Doherty & Ellis-Chadwick, F, 2010).
Its emergence brought about some benefits that included the ability to offer unusual, unique products and services, improve the economic gains, and made distribution of these products more efficient. The e-retailing also results to an assortment of complementary products. Examples of these businesses that adapt to the concept of online retailing include the Netflix and the Amazon. These companies usually dispense with the staffing and the costs requirements and exist only on the internet. The introduction of the e-retailing (internet technologies) concept greatly influences the way businesses handle their customers; however even with the many benefits resulting from the concept they also have several disadvantages. These disadvantages include security issues, in that the sharing of data may not be secure and may face threats suck as ‘hacking. Another disadvantage is that the use of the concept includes the lack of proper payment system, slow internet connections at times, and there may be limited access to the customer/consumers.
The impact has impacts on retailing (the impacts of e-retailing), for the positive impacts of using online retailing is the cost. Use of online retailing reduces the costs of marketing, for example, the cost of referencing and storing a product in e-retail website is less that the cost of referencing and storing a product in a "physical" store. With the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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