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Nutri Advanced children's products/ packaging - Research Paper Example

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Most foods for children do not have all the right nutrition vital for a child development. Children bodies have distinct needs as they grow and develop. For this reason, they require more nutrients than adults do…
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Nutri Advanced children's products/ packaging
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Download file to see previous pages Some of these conditions include protein maldigestion, short bowel syndrome, and allergic reaction to particular food (McCarthy, Jarrett & Crawley, 2001, p.903).
Nutri advanced is a UK-based food supplement store. It provides a wide range of herbal, and natural food supplements crucial to human health. It has a team of dedicated and outstanding nutritionist who provide excellent customer services to their clients. Nutri works in collaboration with top food Nutrition Companies in developing a comprehensive range of products to meet the needs of medical practitioners. The store has put forth a number of measures to ensure they provide high standard products. Nutri advanced has a broad array of supplement that specifically caters for children nutritional needs (Perez-Rodrigo & Aranceta, 2001, p.132). The paper intends to focus on these products and provide a recommendation for the future.
The Eskimo little cubs are purely natural, vital fatty acids supplements designed to meet the needs of children below the age of 12. The product combines the natural fish oil with natural plant oil. As a result, the product has omega-3, 6, and 9 that forms the building block of essential fatty acids. The product is in solution form with a sweet orange flavor to appeal to the children. The Eskimo Little cubs are packaged in 105ml and 210ml size. It has no fishy smell aftertaste and its purity ensures that there are no damaging toxins. It is packaged in a glass container with a blue label. The label provides the description of the product. In addition, it has drawings and animation designed to appeal to a child. Its lid is sealed to prevent contamination (B’Hymer & Caraso, 2000, p.1532).
The Ultra Bifidus ND is a Probiotic supplement for infants. It has a wide intestinal, digestive and immune support function. During its shipment, the product is refrigerated to ensure maximum stability and maintain its potency. The product ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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